What others have experienced working with Chris Taylor, teen expert .....

Working with Chris my son has learned to accept support. He has unlocked the ability to stop and redirect his own behavior even when he is engaged in defiance. Our home environment has become safe and cooperative because these changes effect each relationship in our family…...Thank you for your care and support
Raising my three children by myself without their father nearby, has been challenging to say the lease. As my two boys reached their adolescent years, I observed one son struggle socially and academically in high school, and the other son face similar struggles including depression and anxiety in college. Feeling at a loss in many way, I was really hoping to find a male therapist who would truly understand our family situation and both of my boys’ individual struggles. I have definitely found that in Chris Taylor. He is a remarkable, insightful therapist who understands the challenges my sons are facing.....Chris’s years of experience working with adolescents give him a real understanding of the challenges my sons are facing. He continues to give them the tools to push through their obstacles so they can reach their full potential. I truly appreciate that Chris takes the time to speak with me when I have questions or concerns. He has given me great advice and ideas on effective ways of communicating with my sons, with the goal of empowering them to find their strengths and pursue their dreams.
My teenage daughter suffered a terrible trauma and finding her the right therapist was very important to me. After days of research and phone consults I found Chris Taylor. My daughter had a disappointing history with males so it was important to me to find a male therapist for her that will play a respectful, caring, trusting role in her life as a young woman. The first conversation I had with Chris I knew he would be the best therapist for my daughter. He listened, showed sincere concern, and asked very important questions. I felt very comfortable with our conversation and he set an appointment time to meet my daughter that week. She resisted at first ....naturally; but after meeting with Chris the first few times she changed her attitude towards therapy. Today, over a year later, my daughter continues to see Chris and is making beautiful progress. She contributes to making adjustments with her school work and sports so that she doesn’t miss an appointment. Thank you Chris for being so supportive, caring, and genuine to both me and my daughter. We are incredibly grateful.
I had never called a therapist and didn’t know where to begin. I looked online and saw Chris Taylor. I had set out to call a few and pick who I felt was the best fit. After 15 minutes on the phone with Chris I knew he was the therapist for me. I appreciated his warm, genuine approach. It was like I was talking to my friend and not some stuffy shrink
I have a hard time trusting people and allowing myself to be vulnerable. During the first phone conversation I knew Chris was the right choice. He was kind and patient and really cared about my problems. I am very thankful I took the first step and called
Chris was the perfect match for my son. He understood the needs of our family and helped us get back to basics
Thank you Chris for being supportive and understanding. We were nervous coming to you for the first time but you helped us feel right at home
My daughter is a difficult teenager who has caused my husband and myself a lot of problems. Having two younger children in the home, we were worried that she was setting a bad example. Chris was able to incorporate the entire family into our plan and took a lot of our fears away. We now are back to family dinners and regular check ins……getting back to basics.
If there was one thing I was left with more than any other it was what Chris terms, getting back to basics. It helped my family, but now I use it in managing my staff at work too.