Teen & Family Counseling

Individual / Teen Therapy 

Individual:  Do you feel stuck in life?  Are you overwhelmed with emotion?  Are you struggling to find fulfillment in activities or relationships?  Are you feeling hopeless that you will ever feel better about yourself and have healthy relationships?  In therapy you will be challenged to gain insight into your thoughts and you will gain mastery over your emotions.  As you go deeper into your emotional pain, we will eliminate belief systems that reinforce feelings of low self-worth and end up hurting you and your relationships.  I believe in your potential to change and am certain your life will improve.

Teen:  Do you feel like no one truly "gets" or understands you? Are you isolating yourself, using drugs or drinking? Do you get angry over little things and yell at your parents?  Are you cutting or self-harming? Do you have a poor body-image? Would people be surprised if they discovered that you are hurting because you hold it in and don't know who to trust?  

If so, it's not your fault. Being a teen can be very hard. I get it, and I can help.  Together we will help you learn to communicate your emotional needs to create trust in your decision making and ultimately allow for more freedom.

Family Therapy 

Are you worried about your child's/teenager's decisions? Have they stopped talking to you?  Are you concerned they are depressed? It can be frustrating when your child/teen yells 'I hate you' or 'you don't love me' and storms off or slams a door in your face. You've tried consequences, you've tried giving second chances, you've tried taking things away, but it seems like nothing is working and your teenager continues to push your buttons. I know you are scared and worried, and I'm here to help parents like you.  No matter how bad it may seem, I can eliminate negative behaviors in your child/teen.

When you are dealing with an "out of control," or depressed child/teen it is common to focus only on the problems. Quickly children/teenagers start believing that they are "bad" or "failures."  We will remove this stigma from your child/teen by building in positive praise.  By teaching them how to effectively communicate their emotional needs, you can trust they will make healthy decisions.  You will regain confidence in their ability to stay safe, treat others (and themselves) with love and respect.  Ultimately you will have more ease, peace, and joy at home."