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3 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Teen's School Problems

How many times have we heard or used the cliché, “what are you going to do, work at McDonalds?”  Parents try to instill the love for education in their teens to give them a better future. For many families this is a smooth sailing process with only the occasional difficulty.  For others, it is a source of constant stress and worry. Regardless of whether it is occasional or more frequent, her are three tips to addressing any school issue.

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5 Amazing Signs You're Doing It Right with Your Teen

With everything there is in this world to make you question whether or not you are being a good parent it can be hard to think of yourself as competent.  We live in a world of parent shaming and social media has added to this ultra-competitive nature of parenting by giving everyone with an opinion the ability to question the decions you are making.  This article will turn that approach around.  Here are 5 signs that you are doing an amazing job with your teen.

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ADHD Challenges: Using Structure As A Successful Strategy

As of 2017 6.4 million children in the United States had been diagnosed with ADHD.  That translates to roughly 11% of all kids.  So for those families, we need to give parent strategies that are practical and successful.

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