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5 Major Tips To Survive The Prom

Prom night is the end of childhood for your teen, the beginning of adulthood, and the true test of responsibility and behaving. Teens spend almost the entire year planning, shopping, and talking about prom night; they see the few hours as one of the most important night of their college career. However parents see the night as emotional and riddled with fear.

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Straight Talk With Your Teen About Dating & Sex

The topic that most parents dread as their child nears the teenage years: dating and sexuality. But if you are dreading it, think about how your teen feels? You were their age once. Except now things are probably a little different; there are millions of resources at their fingertips thanks to the internet. The sooner that you can talk to them about dating and sex before they learn what they need to know from the media, friends, and their own personal research, the better.

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