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3 Ways To Motivate Your Teen Towards Success

Motivation is based on what we attach value to.  The old way of trying to ensure teens follow through was to slam them with a consequence.  Well the new generation of teens are smarter and don’t care about consequences most of the time.  Sure they may initially throw a fit and yell and scream but generally they fall into apathy quickly and parents feel hopeless that their approach failed.  So here are the 3 ways to ensure your teen is motivated without nagging, arguing or using consequences.

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Navigating Your Teen's Senior Year To Success

The year it all comes together.  Yes, being a senior in high school is a time for reflection, a time to prepare for the next chapter, a time to say goodbye, and a time to celebrate.  Wait a minute; it is still a school year, isn’t it?  Doesn’t that mean there are still expectations to perform well and finish strong?  With college admissions often based on the condition of maintaining academic performance, and scholarships dependent on performance as well, it is critical that senior year be taken just as seriously as all others.  Enter the dreaded senior-itis.

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Real Consequences For Your Teen That Work

Consequences are built on deterrence theory.  The idea is that if you cause pain to me, I will cause pain of equal or greater value in return.  Structuring a behavioral modification plan for your teen around this concept is doomed for failure.  Over time your teen will develop consequence fatigue and lose interest in changing because the threat of losing no longer holds the same weight.

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