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How To Move From Defiance To Compliance In Your Teen

Being a teenager means to suffer from the disease of defiance.  For some, it is merely refusing to do the dishes or taking out the trash.  For others, it is refusing to do their homework or chronically cutting school.  Some teens go as far as threating violence against their parents, cursing at them, throwing objects or punching holes in the wall.

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Setting The Bar With Your Challenging Teen

In sports it is said that one rises to level of his competition.  I suppose it could be conversely stated that one can also lower them to inferior completion.  Overall I think this means that when presented a challenge that we are encouraged or expected to meet, we generally will outperform our expectations.  This does not exempt us from failing to succeed or that we always reach our desired outcome, but it does make us think twice about how we set the bar for our challenging teens.

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Understanding And Managing Teen Identity Formation

Noted psychologist, Erick Erikson, described the period of adolescence in psycho-social terms of ego-identity vs. role confusion.  I think all of us can relate to this explanation if we remember what life was like as a teenager.  What clothes do I wear?  What music do I listen to?  How do I stay current with movies and shows so I don’t seem out of place?  

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