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Parenting Your Teens Podcast: Episode 6

In this episode of the Parenting Your Teens Podcast, I teach parents all about teens and vaping. It is important for parents to understand why teens vape so they can develop a strategy to end it. I help parents see how teens use teen mental health struggles as a justification for use. I teach the names of some devices and where to go to find more education. Learn the exact strategies I use in my teen therapy practice that I have used for over 16 years as a teen expert.

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How To Stop Your Teen Before The First Drug Experience

As parents we are tasked to protect our children from mistakes that can have repercussions that last their lifetime.  We understand that most poor choices can offer excellent learning opportunities but there are some pitfalls that keep us up at night with thoughts of dread.  In my experience, there is no greater point of worry than the thought that your teenage son or daughter is experimenting with drugs.

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