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How To Move From Defiance To Compliance In Your Teen

Being a teenager means to suffer from the disease of defiance.  For some, it is merely refusing to do the dishes or taking out the trash.  For others, it is refusing to do their homework or chronically cutting school.  Some teens go as far as threating violence against their parents, cursing at them, throwing objects or punching holes in the wall.

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Real Consequences For Your Teen That Work

Consequences are built on deterrence theory.  The idea is that if you cause pain to me, I will cause pain of equal or greater value in return.  Structuring a behavioral modification plan for your teen around this concept is doomed for failure.  Over time your teen will develop consequence fatigue and lose interest in changing because the threat of losing no longer holds the same weight.

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The Technology Trap: How Social Media And Text Apps Are Keeping Parents In The Dark

It seems so long ago that we had to call a landline to get a hold of someone we wanted to have a conversation with.  Long gone are the days where parents acted as the gatekeeper for who their kids talked to.  Now it is as easy to talk to anybody you like with the click of a button, and with people posing as others on the Internet it is near impossible to be certain who your kid is actually talking to.

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